Cannot Find a Perfect Present?

We have all been there! But even if your ideas-list is blank, there is a unique solution that will leave a mark in the memory of the one you gift it to – a beautiful, state-of-the-art Inkspire pen!

Wondering what makes Inkspire pens so noteworthy? The question is on point! Carefully crafted, these handmade writing instruments are literally one-of-a-kind.

Our craft-master’s vision is what makes these pens so beautifully made. He is constantly in search of unique, getting inskpired with new materials and possibilities.

His attention to details and non-compromising approach to quality make sure all the pens we release into the world are created according to the highest production standards on the market!

Will the Pen I Purchase Really Be Memorable?

We hear it over and over, people never knew they needed such a special pen until they held one in their own hand. Yes, it is truly a special feeling.

In business, as in life, some of the most important moments are sealed with a signature; commitments are made, new ventures embarked on, deals get done, all by signing a piece of paper. Why not own that?

Once someone starts using one of our pens, they create a permanent bond with the person they got it from. Be that person, create that bond!

Note that all of our pens are proudly designed in Croatia, made with the very best elements available; premium hand-selected wood, high-quality American and English metal kit, and finest ink.

Customer Satisfaction is

We feel blessed with what we do, so we insist on doing
it well. We already sold many of our pens, each of
them unique as they come, to happy customers all
over the place. Their satisfaction is something we
strive for, and something that is non-negotiable.

From the moment someone reaches out, to the
moment they receive our stilishly packed pen, we aim
to please. Nothing is taken for granted; we are here to
create permanent relationships from day one, and we
know that means a lot of hard work. So be it!

Giving Back to the Mother Nature

Giving back or paying forward, call it as you wish. We care about nature and we firmly believe that our duty is to give back for what we have been blessed with.

That is why we support Boranka NGO  whose cause is dedicated to fighting firerelated deforestation of Croatia’s woods. Inkspire’s promise is to help plant a tree for each pen sold.

Inkspire pens are proof that being yourself is your most precious choice. It is what makes you unlike any other. Cherish the ones who notice that.