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Proudly designed in Croatia, all of our pens are handcrafted to perfection. Wooden textures covering their bodies give each of them a unique look & feel.

You can either pick from our classics presented below, or choose from the features and have a tailor-made Inkspire pen made just the way you would like it.

Wood in stock

Chilean Laurel Burl, Elm Burl, European Ash Burl, Horse Chestnut Burl, Karelian Birch, Olive, Redwood Burl, Thuya Burl, Turkish Wallnut, and York Gum Burl.

Those are some of the types of wood we usually keep in stock. Interested in another kind of wood? Drop us a line and we will do what we can to make it happen!

Inkspire Pen Features

Carefully hand-picked wood

Impregnated for longevity

Unique visual structure

Gold, silver or black look

Minimalistic or detailed

Precious metal plating

Fountain / Rollerball / Ballpoint

Swarovski crystal extra option

Click-type or with cap pen

Mix-n-matched with love and care

Hand-crafted to perfection

Beautifully packed for safe shipping

Models That are Produced

Still Original

Ballpoint, Pen with Cap
Attention-grabbing black poplar wood in combination with chrome metal kit plating makes this Inkspire pen literally one of a kind.

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Glint Original

Ballpoint, Click-type Pen
Notable for its minimalistic look and feel, this Inkspire pen sports redwood shell combined with chromeplated metal kit.

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Hexa Original

Ballpoint, Click-type Pen
Completely unique, this Inkspire pen with Parker-style refill prides itself on its hexagon-shaped & chromeplated metal kit joined with elm burl wood.

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Dainty Original

Ballpoint, Click-type Pen
This compact sized Inkspire pen flaunts its metal engravings in a combination of dark and light chrome-plating as well as Turkish walnut wood.

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Floret Premium

Rollerball or Fountain, Pen with Cap
This Inkspire beauty contains redwood burl shell and metal parts plated with rhodium & black titanium accents.

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Circlet Premium

Rollerball or Fountain, Pen with Cap
Stunning as it is, this Inkspire pen boasts Karelian birch wood joined with rhodium & black titanium metal plating.

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Crown Premium

Rollerball or Fountain, Pen with Cap

This truly elegant Inkspire pen features Swarovski crystal on its rhodium-plated clip and stabilized maple burl dyed in blue, all combined with black titanium plating.

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